Extra Mile Dog Rescue

About Us

Clark Kent
Adopted January 2011

The Charlottesville-Albemarle Extra Mile Dog Rescue was founded in November 2007 and rescued its first dog in December 2007. We take dogs from public animal shelters and rescues, many who have been earmarked for euthanasia because they demonstrated behavior issues that have caused others to term them “unadoptable”. It is our belief that these dogs are simply misunderstood or placed in inappropriate homes and need a second chance. We are committed to getting to the root of their issues and, through intensive behavior modification and a stable home environment, producing well-balanced dogs.  These dogs live in well-trained foster homes which are the backbone of the Extra Mile Dog Rescue. We fully support all foster homes with food, supplies, behavior modification training, 24 hour access to Extra Mile directors, and veterinary care. When the rescue dogs exhibit consistent appropriate behaviors and are well on their way to becoming excellent companions, we adopt them to carefully chosen forever homes. Most rescued dogs are taken from central Virginia shelters and have been adopted by residents of Virginia and Maryland.

The Extra Mile Dog Rescue began offering pet food to community members in May 2009 because many companion animal guardians were finding it difficult to feed their pets due to the economic problems facing the world, the United States, and central Virginia. Over the next 32 months, our pet food bank, the Piedmont Pet Pantry, distributed 131,750 pounds of dog and cat food to help 4,350  companion animal guardians by giving them the food they needed to keep their 17,850 pets in their loving homes. Those requesting help from the Piedmont Pet Pantry resided in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Nelson, and Orange. With the improvement in the economy, the pet pantry has cut back on its distributions and currently provides canned food to local food banks where it is distributed to families who need help feeding their dogs and cats.

Our Foster Philosophy

The Extra Mile Dog Rescue uses a holistic approach with its foster dogs. Ample exercise, good nutrition, coexistence in a loving home with limitations and boundaries, and daily demonstration of good dog behaviors are all essential ingredients in our foster homes.

Long walks at least twice daily help create a bond between dog and human that weaves its way through all other aspects of the dog’s life. The walks also reinforce many good dog behaviors including sit and stay, walking with a loose leash, and meeting humans and other dogs without incident. High quality dog food with wholesome and minimally processed ingredients is an important key to optimum health and supports exercise and endurance. Benevolently set limitations and boundaries lay out exactly what humans expect as they take on the role of being the leader, allowing the dog the less stressful task of being a follower. Additional good dog behaviors such as polite eating habits, house breaking, crate training, leaving objects when requested, not jumping, and sitting before going outdoors are taught and reinforced daily. Our foster parents are able to modify behaviors if necessary by praising the dog when the appropriate behavior is offered.

Foster families are trained on all these ingredients and use them with their own dogs. The addition of a foster dog to the household seems like a natural progression and is not too strenuous on either the family or the dog. Families adopting dogs from our rescue are also trained on these ingredients and are strongly encouraged to continue using them over the course of the dog’s life. They are also encouraged to call us if they encounter any problems with their new family member so we can help make appropriate changes that result in a well-adjusted dog in a happy household.

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